I'm a Top 63 blogger – whoohoo

Everyone in the Virtualisation blogosphere is reaching out for votes in Eric Siebert’s latest popularity contest: http://vote.vsphere-land.com.  He is looking to award the top 25 bloggers for 2010.

Personally I am not good at promoting myself (my reserved British lines prevent such vulgar behaviour :)), but I’m just super chuffed to have made the Top 63!

However if you enjoyed my ESX3 reference card, ESX4 reference card or ESX4 notes, then maybe you’ll add me to the bottom of your ballot 🙂

Here are some of my more popular blog posts over the last year:

5 thoughts on “I'm a Top 63 blogger – whoohoo

  1. Well, I definitely voted for your blog (3). One of the major things that got me through the VCP4 exam (in september, so, not as much information out there as there currently is), was your site.

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