VMworld 2010 dates

Since coming back from VMworld this year, I have been hunting around for the dates for next year.  I had a lot of fun, met some really interesting people and of course improved my knowledge of the products.  However simple google searches weren’t turning up the actual dates, just that it would be sometime in September.  All the top hits were about the news that VMworld Europe was changing its dates next year.

Well I was reading through some of my notes last, and just as I closed the notebook there was the answer.  The dates are on the back of this year’s red VMworld booklet 🙂  So before I forget what the dates are again, they are 30th Aug – 2nd Sep 2010.

4 thoughts on “VMworld 2010 dates

  1. Thanks for posting this simple information. I was not able to attend this year so was not ‘in the know’ and like you mentioned, ‘the tubes’ have not been forthcoming with the details.

  2. Thanks Forbes!
    This is the one place I have been able to find that info. Any word on the official location?

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