vSphere4 notes

vSphere4 Documentation Notes

Here are some condensed notes for the vSphere4 documentation. These notes aren’t meant to be comprehensive, or for a beginner; just my own personal notes. They’re snippets I found interesting while reviewing the official VMware documentation, either because:

  • They were new to ESX4
  • They were new to me
  • I thought they might be useful for the next reference card
  • I wanted reinforcement in that area

However, I think for anyone who is familiar with ESX3 and perhaps a VCP, that it should bring you up to speed fairly quickly.

Main Documentation Set

  • Introduction to VMware vSphere
  • Getting Started with ESX
  • ESX and vCenter Server Installation Guide
  • ESXi Installable and vCenter Server Setup Guide (ESXi bits)
  • Upgrade Guide
  • Basic System Administration
  • ESX Configuration Guide
  • Fibre Channel SAN Configuration Guide
  • iSCSI SAN Configuration Guide
  • Resource Management Guide
  • Availability Guide
  • vSphere Web Access Administrative Guide

Additional Resources

  • Setup for Failover Clustering and Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS)
  • vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide
  • License Server Configuration for vCenter Server 4.0
  • ESX 4 Patch Management Guide
  • Guest Operating System Installation Guide

Optional vSphere Products and Modules

  • vCenter Update Manager Administration Guide
  • vCenter Converter Administration Guide
  • vCenter Orchestrator Installation and Configuration Guide
  • vCenter Orchestrator Administration Guide
  • VMware Consolidated Backup – Virtual Machine Backup Guide


  • vSphere Management Assistant Guide (vMA)
  • Data Recovery Administrator Guide

I hope they’re useful to you as well: vSphere4 Documentation Notes

You should also check out the Configuration Maximums document, and if you want to get up to speed quickly with vSphere 4. I also highly recommend the “What’s new” document for a good overview of the new features.