vSphere 5 notes for your ebook reader or phone

I received a great suggestion from @FarooqPSK on Twitter this morning:

Would’ve been great if you could’ve included epub/mobi format for the vsphere 5 documentation notes. Please consider this.

So after an hour of wrestling with the notes in Calibre, I managed to create a version in MOBI (for Kindle users) and EPUB (for everything else).  I can’t guarantee they will be perfect as the converter can mangle tables, but it should be much more legible for these devices.

Here are the notes in EPUB and MOBI format as a zip file.

Update: Here are the same notes as separate downloads: MOBI file (for a Kindle) and an EPUB file (everything else). Hopefully this should make it easier to grab straight from your device.

2 thoughts on “vSphere 5 notes for your ebook reader or phone

  1. Very nicd ! You should offer direct download (not zip file) so we could dirdctly catch it with mobile device 😉
    Thanks for your hard work !

    1. Thanks NiTRo, I had problems doing this yesterday because WordPress blocks those file types as appropriate uploads. Definitely worth doing though. Thanks for the reminder to fix this.

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