Desktop notes

Desktop Virtualization Notes

Here are some condensed notes for the vSphere4 desktop virtualization documentation, covering both the VMware View and ThinApp products. These notes aren’t meant to be comprehensive, or for a beginner; just my own personal notes. They’re snippets I found interesting while reviewing the official VMware documentation, either because:

  • They were new to me
  • I thought they might be useful for the next reference card
  • I wanted reinforcement in that area

The notes cover the following official VMware documents:

VMware View 4.0.0

  • View Architecture Planning Guide
  • View Upgrade Guide
  • View Manager Administration Guide
  • Getting Started with VMware View
  • Command-Line Tool for View Manager
  • Extending Virtual Machine Deletion with Scripts
  • View Manager 4.0.1 Release Notes

VMware ThinApp 4.5

  • ThinApp User’s Guide
  • ThinApp Virtual Registry

Desktop Virtualization Notes