A new vReference card – View & ThinApp

I have finished condensing, consolidating, compacting, compressing and thoroughly concentrating the rest of the Desktop Notes I made available last month.  Here is a first release for my new vReference card.

This card is created for VMware’s enterprise level Desktop Virtualization products, namely VMware View 4.0 and VMware ThinApp 4.5.  Thankfully there are is still a small amount of space left on the card, so if you feel that there are some area’s which I haven’t done enough justice to, then please let me know.  This whole area is a rapidly evolving one, so I can imagine new versions and products filling any white space before I know it.

A lot of work has gone into this card over the last few months, so I hope its helpful.  Its been interesting learning about these two products, but I’m always happy to learn more.  So if you have any suggestions for improving this resource for everyone, then let us know in the comments.

Go and grab it.

One thought on “A new vReference card – View & ThinApp

  1. I’m so glad I checked back to see what is up/new. This View/ThinApp card is awesome. Can’t wait to use it in the field as I have previous vreference cards. THanks for making this available to us.

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