7 thoughts on “vSphere 4 reference card – poster sized

  1. vSphere4 card – poster size document is not available in the link, could you please repost the same.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Forbes has done it again! Thanks for the reference card. Any advice as to the best size to print? US legal size a bit small for my bad eyesight.

    1. I don’t understand US print sizes too well, but I know you should be able to print out the regular card on A3 OK, if you scale it fit the paper. This poster version is scaled to 23.44″ x 35.26″, which I guess is pretty close to 22 x 34 poster size (ANSI D).

    1. Hi Marius,
      Thanks for the link. However that PDF is regarding version 3.5. The documentation for TSO with vSphere is says you should only use the Enhanced VMXnet driver. See here. I think there has been problems with the e1000 support, and I think they are encouraging as many people as possible to switch to the preferred driver. Let me know if you find any other evidence though.

  3. Hi Forbes,

    I actually picked up this discrepancy while doing the new VTSP 4 exams on VMware’s Partner Portal. If you don’t selct the E1000 as well the question is marked as incorrect. I think it is an issue of best practice not to use the E1000



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