Firewall diagram – updated to version 3

Dudley passed me the latest version of the Firewall diagram.  Go and grab it:


Here’s what’s new since the last download:

What’s new in v3:
Now synchronized with “VMware Network Ports Compendium v3”

What’s new in v213:
Change port range in VUM to 9000-9100 (and not 9000-9010)

What’s new in v212:
Added SRM Port 9007 for WSDL, SOAL
Changed SRM Port 443 to Port 80 for Communication with remote vCenter Server

He’s also given me access to his “source” document.  It’s a spreadsheet which makes looking for a specific port when troubleshooting much easier.  You can grab yourself a copy here:


Dudley maintains on online version here:

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