vSphere 4 Reference Card now available

The vSphere 4 Reference card is now available. Go and grab it.!

I have completely re-written it since the VI3 card, tightened it up significantly and added a lot of information about the new features.  Hopefully everyone will find it as useful as the first one.

I write these cards for VMware users/administrators/architects, and refer to it regularly myself.  However, I’m always looking for feedback on how to make it better.  There is obviously a limit on what I can squeeze onto an A4 piece of paper, but I’m always looking for more material.

I’m already planning on some more things for the next update, so keep checking back.  Also, I’m attending VMworld for the first time this year, so hopefully I’ll pick up some more top-tips.  If you are heading to VMworld and recognize the name tag, please come and say hello.

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