Dear VMworld

Dear VMworld,

How can I be confirmed on a lab at VMworld, only to be told less than a week before, that it is now overbooked and that I have been bumped from the lab. Not that they pushed me down onto the waiting list, but pushed my right off. I had re-register myself onto the lab, on will undoubtedly be at the bottom of the waiting list. This is now the 3rd thing that I was registered on, that I have now been bumped off.

Has anyone else has the same experience this year?

3 thoughts on “Dear VMworld

  1. Yes. I was bumped from two labs. Surely they knew key features would be hot. Planning was poorly executed. What are paying for again?

  2. Hey Forbes, I’m sorry to hear you were among those who got bumped from the overbooked labs – your reference card has sat at arms reach on my desk for a year or two now – shortly to be replaced by the new one once I laminate it. 🙂

    VMworld 2009 hasn’t exactly gone well in the planning department as evidenced here:

    Hopefully we’ll bump into each other next week.

    1. I was all set to crash the party for the sessions I got bumped from, but then I saw that vmware is going to scan badges to allow access into the rooms. Bummer.

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