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Long time no blog. Sorry, been kinda busy lately, but I want to link to a post with some nice Linux related reference cards.

10 must-have Linux (and not only) cheat-sheets

And here is a site where the author has created several nice bash, perl and vim sheets, which all you Service Console gurus might like:


There are lots of these cheat sheets out there, especially for developers. Here are a couple of sites which list a lot of them:



Let me know if there any ones which you find particularly useful as an ESX user, and I’ll create my own “10 ten”.

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  1. Hi! I received a google alert that you linked to cheat sheets on my blog (www.catonmat.net), but I examined the source and you have an empty anchor text! It looks like this <a href=”http://www.catonmat.net/projects/cheat-sheets”></a>!

    Could you fix it? 🙂


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