ThinApp 4.5: best new feature – Linux support?

ThinApp 4.5 has just been released in the last couple of days, and many of my fellow bloggers have been picking over the new goodies.  Unfortunately most articles I have read just highlighted the “What’s New” section of the Release Notes. However if you wander over to the What’s new? article on the VMware ThinApp blog […]

Virtual Center linux client

Long time no blog… My apologies to anyone who has emailed me lately.  I promise to catchup with them soon.  Things have been a bit buzy. I unfortunately haven’t made it to VMworld this year, but have been following the news as much as I can.  One great piece of news that I just read […]

Other reference cards

Long time no blog. Sorry, been kinda busy lately, but I want to link to a post with some nice Linux related reference cards. 10 must-have Linux (and not only) cheat-sheets And here is a site where the author has created several nice bash, perl and vim sheets, which all you Service Console gurus might […]

Command prompt colours

Here’s an old trick which works great on ESX servers (thanks to this article on Linux Journal for reminding me).  It turns your prompt different colours to highlight when you are logged in as root. To make the prompt red when you’re running as root add this to /root/.bashrc: PS1='[e[31m][email protected]:w#[e[m] ‘ To make the prompt […]