Hurry – voting for VMworld 2014 sessions closes on Sunday

I just realized I hadn’t thrown up post about this. No time like the present.

Voting for VMworld 2014 sessions closes this Sunday (18th) at midnight. Be sure to get your voice heard and tell VMware which sessions you’d like to see this year.

I’ve submitted 4 distinct breakout sessions this year, each of which look at storage and vSphere from very different angles. Let me know which you think would be more valuable to the community by logging in and voting.   Here’s the line-up:

VMworld 2014 sessions

You can read the abstracts in full when you log in, but here’s the pithy, less rambunctious description for each so you can cut to the chase:


2366    How Scale-Out Storage approaches can improve your vSphere Architecture

Josh Atwell

The legend, Mr Josh Atwell, and myself will deep-dive into what’s meant by Scale-Out Storage and why it can dramatically impact your vSphere design.

Josh and I each work for two leading Scale-Out Storage companies (Solid Fire & Coho Data respectively), but we promise this session will be a vendor-agnostic, marketing-free, techfest – no product overviews or gartner quotes, just architecture.



2492    How the new Software-defined Paradigms will impact your vSphere Design

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe (yes, that Scott Lowe) and I are back (hopefully) for a third year to talk and workshop vSphere Design. If you’ve never made it before, this is a session not to miss.

This year we’re going to explain our thoughts on how these new software-defined approaches and technologies impact your real-world design challenges. We’ll try to remove ourselves from the acronym game and discuss the reality of where the rubber meets the road for vSphere.



2749    Is your Storage Appropriate for Your vSphere Environment?

Matt Liebowitz

Matt Liebowitz (author and general BCA guru) and I are going to dive into how to look at your existing workloads honestly, and figure out what kind of storage you really need. We’ve all know for years that VM performance is massively reliant on storage performance, but there still isn’t a one-size fits all easy approach to storage planning.



2639    3 Things you should know about vSphere Storage

Okay, hands up, you caught me. This session is a solo effort, and one where I may slip off the vendor-neutral stance to explain certain storage realities. But I promise that it won’t be a marketecture slideathon. I’ll be looking at 3 realizations about the storage industry and how it could change the way you think about storage in your vSphere world.


So, without further ado get yourself over here:

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