VMworld 2013 session – Examining vSphere Design Through a Design Scenario

VMworld 2013 starts in less than a week! Mr Scott Lowe and I will be presenting another design-focused session this year and we hope that you can all make it. Unfortunately I doubt we’ll be able to fit 20,000+ folk into the allocated room, so I’d suggest reserving a spot while there is still places available. The session should be useful for anyone that’s interested in vSphere design choices, those pursuing design-style certifications, or budding architects.  This year we’re taking a case-study scenario and looking at how the design process helps us to examine the options hands-on. It should be a lot of fun.

VSVC4995 – Examining vSphere Design Through a Design Scenario
Led by authors Forbes Guthrie and Scott Lowe (co-authors of VMware vSphere Design and VMware vSphere Design 2nd Edition), this workshop-style session will provide attendees an insight into vSphere design by cooperatively working through a design scenario. The session will start with a brief review of key design concepts and the design process, then quickly move into a design scenario that will allow the audience to interactively participate and identify design requirements, explore various design decisions, and evaluate the impact of those decisions on the overall design.

  • Session time: Tuesday 4 – 5 pm

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VMworld 2013

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