New Mastering vSphere 5 Book

Great news.  Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe) is getting ready to release a new version of his highly successful Mastering vSphere book.

The previous version – Mastering VMware vSphere 4 – is probably the single most popular vSphere 4 book published, and for good reason.   It was the base material used by both new users and established ESX administrators to get up to speed with vSphere 4 as soon as it was released.  It continues to be the benchmark for other books about vSphere and consistently gets 5 star ratings by buyers on Amazon.

I was lucky enough to have Scott to join me on the VMware vSphere Design book, and was delighted when he asked me to contribute to his latest version of the Mastering book.  Not wishing to overstate my part, I merely helped update some small parts for the soon to be released vSphere 5.  Again like the Design book, I was privileged to work alongside some VMware vExpert Rockstars on this project. This time, helping Scott out, I was joined by Gabrie van Zanten (@gabvirtualworld), Glenn Sizemore (@glnsize) and Technical Editor Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB).  Wow, with a lineup like that, you know this new version is worth every cent.  It’ll fly off the shelves, so go and pre-order your copy now.

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