Announcement coming soon on new twitter account

I’ve always avoided twitter.  Until now.  I’ve got something to say this time and want as many people to hear about it as possible.  The last one of the top 25 virtualization bloggers is joining the twitter ranks.

You might have noticed that for the last 6 months my blogging content has fallen off dramatically.  This was an unfortunate side-effect of all the work I have poured into a new project.  I hope my part of this new endeavour benefits our community – its something I’m pretty proud of.

Although I have blogged for a few years now and hopefully created useful content for VMware community, I have never joined the twitter gang.  I made a conscious effort to concentrate on areas I could add-value and was mindful of spreading myself too thin.  We all suffer from information overload these days, drinking from the fire hose.  For that reason, I purposefully don’t “do” Facebook, LinkedIn, IRC channels. I avoid spending too much time on forums and keep my RSS feeds to a minimum.  Keeping up to date is crucial in our industry, but being able to skim the cream and not get caught up in the noise is a tricky tightrope.  As essential (and enjoyable) as it is to consume information, I believe creating it is so much more valuable.

Now I’m not quite ready to let you all know what I’ve been up to, but I will use my spanking brand new twitter account to reveal all, sometime in the next couple of weeks.  So why not follow me on this space-aged newfangled twitter thing and be the first to find out what is happening.  Don’t fear, I don’t expect to flooding the twitterverse with my daily routine, just the odd tweet to let you know about new blog posts, new reference cards, or anything vSphere related that doesn’t warrant a full blog post.

If you already know what I’m about to reveal, then please don’t spoil the fun and keep it to yourself.  It’s probably not too difficult to figure out, and super-sleuths (like you Mr E. Sloof ;)) are banned from playing.

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