vReference card update to v.2.3.2

I’ve already had a couple of great bits of feedback about the new vReference card for 4.1.

Valerio spotted a handful of typos and Christian Meier point me to some licensing changes.  I’ve updated the card and you’ll now find the download is for version 2.3.2.

So here is a couple of things new to me:

  • vMotion is now included with the Essential Plus and Standard versions.
  • Thin provisioning which used to be included in all versions (including the free ESXi version, Essential and Essential Plus) as can be seen on the table here, is now only included in Advanced and above according to this new licensing PDF.  I hope this is just a documentation error.  If not then I consider this quite a loss for the smaller businesses who probably won’t have access to advanced storage arrays.

Sorry about the update so soon after its release, but I thought you’d all rather have the correct information as soon as possible.  As ever, the vReference card page is always the place to go for the latest version – don’t link friends to the card directly as these links get out of date.  I had over 100 downloads for the old version 1.0 and 0.x cards just in the last week alone.  I released 2.0 around a year ago!

I’ve also added a link on the vSphere 4 card page to the last card supporting vSphere 4.0.  I realised that some of you are still probably supporting and maybe even deploying/designing around this version.  If any of you are still working with 3.5, you can still find the old VI3 card on its page here.

6 thoughts on “vReference card update to v.2.3.2

  1. I would guess that it is a documentation error, since I am still able to create Thin disks on my test vSphere Hypervisor edition box.

  2. vReference card is great! I always keep one with me (until my VCP exam 🙂 ). I think there is a small error in VMs & vAPPs section. Config Max states that maximum RAM for FT VM is 64GB not as you have written – 16GB.

  3. One sugestion, when you try to print the card in A4, the grey background makes the text looks with poor quality. There is any way to print the card without the background?

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