Free Desktop Virtualization (ThinApp/View) Notes now available

Here are some new notes for VMware’s desktop virtualization products, both ThinApp 4.5 and View 4.0.  It’s in the same style as my popular vSphere 4 notes, and you can download them now.

If like me, you know your way around the more mainstream VMware datacenter products, but need to find out what all this Desktop kerfuffle is about, then hopefully this will get you up to speed in double-quick time. All this free goodness comes just squeezed into around 20 pages of terse, non-nonsense facts.

Grab them here.

I’m in the process of creating a special desktop reference card, covering just View and ThinApp, and wanted to share my notes along the way. I’ve already completed the View sections and have just started condensing, consolidating, compacting, compressing and thoroughly concentrating the ThinApp section. So remember these notes are really just a byproduct, but hopefully some of you might find them useful. The real prize is coming soon so keep checking back frequently.

The notes cover the following official VMware documents:

VMware View 4.0.0

  • View Architecture Planning Guide
  • View Upgrade Guide
  • View Manager Administration Guide
  • Getting Started with VMware View
  • Command-Line Tool for View Manager
  • Extending Virtual Machine Deletion with Scripts
  • View Manager 4.0.1 Release Notes

VMware ThinApp 4.5

  • ThinApp User’s Guide
  • ThinApp Virtual Registry

Grab the Desktop notes here.

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