vReference vSphere 4.0 card updated

Here is an update to my vSphere 4 reference card

I’ve made lots corrections and updates, many of which came from VMware publishing a new version of their Configuration Maximums document last month.  I’d also like to make a special mention to the follow people who took the time to get in touch with updates – thanks guys I really appreciate it.

  • Christian Lacroix, Pascal de Wild & Michael — Storage: NFS datastores = 8 (64 with adv. setting) not 32
  • Darren McRae — ESX hosts: dumpart > dumppart
  • Pascal de Wild & Kurt DeWitt — Storage: FC – Path to each LUN: max 32
  • Wade Holmes —  ESX install: IP6 not supported – make more obvious that this is for the install
  • Simon Price & Alexey Bogdanov — vCenter: essential license should be 256 on 56
  • Simon Price — ESX hosts:  added the “P” option to the vdf command
  • Ed Symanzik — ESH hosts: vmware -v for build (vmware -l for base version)
  • Alexey Bogdanov — ESX Install: “/” to “/ (root)”
  • Eric Wright & Alexey Bogdanov — ESX Install:  default swap to 600MB

Grab yourself a copy now!
I have been reading through all the encouraging comments and watching votes from my post regarding the future of the card.  It seems that almost everyone is happy with me adding a second page.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a start on that soon.  It will take several months to gather and prune the right information, however I appreciate the mantra of release early, release often so I’ll try to get previews out as each section comes together.  Let me know in the comments below if there are any particular areas or products you would like to see.  For example now SRM 4.0 is out, it’s probably a good candidate.  As are any official vSphere plugins.

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