Virtual Center linux client

Long time no blog…

My apologies to anyone who has emailed me lately.  I promise to catchup with them soon.  Things have been a bit buzy.

I unfortunately haven’t made it to VMworld this year, but have been following the news as much as I can.  One great piece of news that I just read on Duncan Epping’s great blog:

…VMware just announced the fact that vCenter Server will be released as a linux virtual appliance in the future and the vCenter client will be cross platform available.

I assume that the vCenter client will be the VI4 equivalent of the VIC.

I have said many time before that the VC server should be a linux based VM.  Looks like its actually going to happen.  Yippee.

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  1. After a quick look at the available documentation (08Q4_VM_VC_Server_DS_EN_R1) it seems to still run on Windows and can be manged by any “Windows PC”

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