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A short post this time, but a goodie. Probably apt, because like the poster itself it doesn’t need much explaining, and that’s why it’s so valuable.

Our Technical Marketing ace, Mr Ryan Johnson (twitter/blog) is the creator of this awesome Validated Design resources. It is probably the quickest way to understand how the VVD components are laid out and interact.

If you’re new to the Validated Designs, I suggest taking a look at the Pods box first (middle row). It explains the logical design for both the Management Pod (shown on the left side) and an example of a Compute Pod (shown on the right side). Each depict the high-level compute, networking and storage and a simple description of which services run on each pod type. There’s a lot of detail packed into this box, but within a few minutes you’ll have an excellent sense of the topology of a Validated Design deployment.

Overall, the poster is a great way to understand how each of the components are configured across regions. You can see how each of VMware products within the Foundation (vSphere, VSAN, NSX), Ops (vROps, vRLI, VDP, SRM) and the CMP (vRA, VRO, vRB) layers are stretched across sites, which components have dual-site redundancy built-in (active-active), and those that failover (active-passive) when needed. Here you can really see how the Validated Design takes advantage of NSX’s virtual wires in a truly dynamic dual-region datacenter model.

The latest Validated Design poster can be found on the VMware Community site (along with a bunch of other neat things):
As a bonus, here’s another great poster Ryan has created for Cloud Foundation (VCF):


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Need to know more about VVDs:
– VVD Download package: http://www.vmware.com/go/vvd-sddc
– Product page: http://www.vmware.com/go/vvd
– Individual documents: http://www.vmware.com/go/vvd-docs
– Community page http://www.vmware.com/go/vvd-community

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