VVD tools series: Firewall port spreadsheet

Ports and protocols spreadsheet

Following on from the CertGen tool post, here’s a look at another indispensable SDDC tool. This time it’s a spreadsheet which details the ports and protocols used by the products in the latest VVD release (3.0). Much of this information is scattered around in different KBs and internal threads, but our Professional Services team pulled this together as a resource for customers, and as ever the VVD team was super keen to get it out in the hands of as many of you as possible.

I really appreciate the way it’s done. As a long-time customer of VMware, I struggled to determine a solid canonical source for this information. Usually, you had to dig around to find it, and often when it was published for a particular VMware product, it didn’t tell the whole story, e.g. didn’t provide the protocol, or didn’t specify which endpoint was the source or the destination. You know, things you really need if you’re actually trying to configure a firewall 🙂   I still host (although very outdated now), Dudley Smith’s firewall poster and spreadsheet which was at the time (circa 2010) probably the best resource for this information across multiple VMware products.

Fast forward to the present day and the VVD ports and protocols spreadsheet splits out each product as a separate tab, with functional areas highlighted in colour bands to make it easier to pick out blocks.

Firewall spreadsheet

Just like the CertGen tool, the really great thing about this resource is that it’s valuable not just to folks deploying a VVD, but anyone using one or more of the SDDC related products: vSphere, NSX, SRM, VDP, vROps, etc.

Thanks to the members of VMware’s Professional Services team that created it and allowed the VVD team to release it more widely.

Grab the spreadsheet here:


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