Free vSphere4 documentation notes

You’ll be glad to hear that I’m in the process of collating information for a new vSphere4 reference card. I hope to have the first draft out in a only few weeks.

As part of that effort, I’ve been trawling through all the new GA ESX4 documentation. I thought I’d offer my condensed notes up as a free download in the meantime. These notes aren’t meant to be comprehensive, or for a beginner; just my own personal notes. They’re snippets I found interesting while reviewing the official VMware documentation, either because:

  • They were new to ESX4
  • They were new to me
  • I thought they might be useful for the next reference card
  • I wanted reinforcement in that area

However, I think for anyone who is familiar with ESX3 and perhaps a VCP, that it should bring you up to speed fairly quickly. The VMware documentation is about 1800 pages. These notes aren’t complete yet (I’ll keep adding to it over the coming weeks – so check back for more), but so far I’ve covered about half of the documentation in only 14 pages of notes.

I hope they’re useful to you as well: vSphere4 Documentation Notes Get the latest notes here

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