The VI3 card is now ready for 1.0 status!

I have spent quite a bit time over the last couple of weeks trying to tidy it up and adding in some of the 3.5 stuff which might start showing up. I haven’t had a great deal of hands-on experience with 3.5 yet, and haven’t needed to plough through the VMware documentation. Please let me know if you spot anything which is out of date. Things move so quickly in this field, it is often difficult to keep up.

So what’s next? Well, I am already gathering some material to add in a short section about 3i specific stuff. Let me know if you have any useful links.

When I was playing around with the 3i beta, I was thinking about a 3i advanced guide including busybox command listings. However, in retrospect I don’t know how much this would get used. It seems VMware want to hide this aspect as much as possible, and if you have to reboot your 3i server or set it up beforehand, then I can’t imagine many people really using it in anger.

For a long time, VMware has been promising to introduce a more advanced certification. The rumblings are starting to get louder around this, so hopefully it might be available soon. If there is extra material, or courses (which I can persuade someone to send me on) over and above the DSA course, then this could certainly be the basis for a different card. It would be great to design a card more focused towards architects.

If VMware ever improve the mess that is the RCLI, then I would definitely produce a specific reference card just for this. However, it seems like such an afterthought by them. I’m afraid that they won’t develop it further, but use it to placate the CLI and Linux set. As a little shell/editor for Windows, or a nifty little dedicated VM; this could be so useful. Unfortunately, throwing down a pile of perl scripts, just don’t cut the mustard. I like Scott Lowe’s entry here:

And no, I have no great interest in MS’s powershell.

I’m hoping to get myself on a NetApp "Data ONTAP Fundamentals" course in March, so if I find that interesting enough and can get enough material together to study for the NCDA, then I might just put a card together for that. Does anyone have some good links to NCDA material, or can recommend a good book?

And lastly, I’m still interested in taking my Red Hat RHCE exam one day. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but I haven’t found an employer interested in Linux yet. I’m sure there are plenty RHCE reference cards already out there. I’d just love to have the opportunity to spend more time with Linux at work. Its hard studying for a fairly heavy curriculum, when I don’t get to use those skills regularly.

Oh, and I know I really need to do something about this site. I’ll need to get myself interesting in joomla, drupal, wordpress or something similar.

As always, please get in touch if you have any comments.

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