ESX 3.5 patch 10 – what's that?

According to the vSphere 4.0 release notes ( ) vCenter Server 4.0 becomes unresponsive in large environments if managing ESX Server 3.5 hosts prior to ESX 3.5 patch 10 vCenter Server 4.0 can become unresponsive in large environments after 30 days if it manages any ESX Server 3.5 hosts prior to ESX Server 3.5 patch […]

Recreate header/descriptor vmdk files & recover failed Storage VMotion (DMotion)

I had a another problem with Storage VMotion yesterday and found out a couple of interesting things. Firstly, there is a now a Knowledge Base article explaining how to recreate vmdk header files if they are missing.  This was news to me, so here’s the link: Secondly, was discovering a sightly different approach to […]